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Muslims wake up stop secluding women

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Muslims wake up stop secluding women | Duración: 00:02:22 | Idioma: Inglés

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A critical talk that pleads for radical introspection and the need to return to the Mecca model in our attitudes and daily affairs. In a charismatic and straight-forward presentation, Dr. Jeffrey Lang moves the Iowa audience by sharing his experience as a Muslim convert over the past 20 years. Based on his new book "Losing My Religion", he looks at the reasons why our children are not committed to Islam and why they even seem to be repulsed from coming to the masjid and getting involved in Islamic activities at all. His reasons may be shocking as he puts the Muslim community on the spot by sharing his findings from an un-scientific yet revealing survey of Muslim youth in this country. Is the media or some "Western conspiracy" really driving our children, or even non-Muslims, away from Islam? Is it possible that whats driving them away is us, the Muslims?! In answering these questions, Dr. Lang seeks in this lecture to wake up those who claim to be Muslim and offers sincere advice to those who are contributing to the "clash" between the surrounding culture and the religious sub-culture that our youth are asked to be a part of. A riveting talk that is a must for every Muslim, especially those living in America.

Other topics discussed: womens roles in the community and the perception of their subjugation, the intellectual divide (rationalism vs. tradition) in our communities, keeping the community unified, concrete ways to make a change within yourself, overcoming lethargic attitudes, and sending our children abroad to study Islam.


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