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Islam is Peace Campaign

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Islam is Peace Campaign | Duración: 00:00:00 | Idioma: Español

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About the Islam is Peace campaign The first phase of the campaign involved placing full-page advertisements under the banner of Muslims United in the leading tabloid and broadsheet papers following the attempted bombings in London and Glasgow to clearly state the Muslim communitys unequivocal condemnation of these terrorist attacks. The second phase begins on the 24th of September and aims to take the same message to a wider audience, through a publicity campaign that will involve London Buses carrying the message "Proud to Be a British Muslim". This will be continued through an advertising campaign on the tube, trains, stations and on buses across the UK, all carrying unique messages and images of the positive contribution of British Muslims. Ifhat Shaheen-Smith , one of the campaign organisers said, "in the current atmosphere of suspicion and fear about Islam and British Muslims, truth is often confused with fabrications and stereotypes. Prejudice has become entrenched and sensationalistic media reporting is creating a climate of paranoia. There is a desperate need for openness, mutual understanding and a mature debate." OFFICIAL LAUNCH The official launch of the campaign will take place on the 1 st of October. It will be attended by prominent figures from civil rights groups, politicians, community leaders and representatives of all faith groups. The campaign is being launched in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which is a special time for sharing and community spirit. To mark the launch and in the spirit of giving and sharing during this month, the Islam-is-Peace Bus will tour London and stop over at a homeless shelter to share food at the time of breaking of the fast . For more information and to arrange interviews please contact: Ihtisham Hibatullah on 07786 257120 or info@islamispeace.org.uk Notes to the Editor 1. The "Islam is Peace" campaign is an independent campaign, run solely by volunteers from across the UK, supported by a large number of British Muslim community organisations. 2. The Campaign published a recent statement in national newspapers on Friday 6 July 2007 under the title "Muslims United". See the link provided. For further information please contact the MCB: The Muslim Council of Britain, PO Box 57330, London, E1 2WJ Tel: 0845 26 26 786 Fax: 0207 247 7079 media@mcb.org.u


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