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Presentation: Dr Jonathan A.J. Wilson

“Current Market Stratagem and Regulatory Trends”

04/06/2015 - Autor: Redacción - Fuente: Webislam
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Jonathan L. Wilson at the Philippines Halal Assembly 2015, in Manila (4th of June) | Duración: 00:21:31
Jonathan A.J. Wilson
Jonathan A.J. Wilson

Programme Director, Postgraduate Marketing Suite, University of Greenwich London, UNITED KINGDOM

Dr Wilson is a polymath, whose eclectic career spans 20 years; affording him a truly unique and 360 degree view –initially as a dedicated Advertising and Marketing Communications industry professional; and then later on as a Branding and PR consultant, academic, professional trainer, conference speaker, editor, writer.

ABSc in Chemistry and Life Sciences; a Master of Business Administration (MBA); and a PhD in Brand Management, Cultural Phenomena, and Stakeholder Engagement, which applies and revises philosophical concepts from Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and Al-Gazhali, underpin Dr Wilson´s work and award winning research.

He is an Executive Trainer for Al Jazeera in Qatar; and also writes regularly for the Huffington Post, Thomson Reuters, and The Marketeers.

Dr Wilson has delivered keynotes, talks, and papers in several conferences and is consider a Global Though Leader in Islamic Economics, Halal Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Muslim majority and minority markets.

In 2000 he converted to islam and is know as Bilal among his friends –giving him a special insight into both Muslim and non-Muslim perspectives. In 2014, Dr Wilson was awarded the Vice Chancellor´s Award for Staff Member of the Year, at the University of Greenwich.


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