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Muslims wake up stop secluding women

Vídeos - 20/10/2009

A critical talk that pleads for radical introspection and the need to return to the Mecca model in our attitudes and daily affairs. In a charismatic and straight-forward presentation, Dr. Jeffrey Lang moves the Iowa audience by sharing his experience as a Muslim convert over the past 20 years. Based on his new book "Losing My Religion", he looks at the reasons why our children are not committed to Islam and why they even seem to be repulsed from coming to the masjid and getting involve

Every woman. Family Laws changes in Morocco (3)

Vídeos - 27/03/2008

Moroccos King, Mohammed VI, introduced sweeping reforms across the country in 2004 which were designed to eradicate discrimination - he ushered in new laws on equality, divorce rights and on polygamy.

Every woman. International womens day (2)

Vídeos - 26/03/2008

In the second part of our International Womens Day programme Divya Gopolan is in Kuala Lumpur where she talks to two women at the forefront of change .

Every woman. International womens day (1)

Vídeos - 25/03/2008

Were celebrating International Womens Day, a global event connecting women all round the world and marking their achievements. We bring you a report on the women preachers in Morocco.

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