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Laleh Bakhtiar
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Diálogo interreligioso: Laleh Bakhtiar y Mahmoud Ayoub

Vídeos - 26/12/2009

Professor of Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion B.A. (Philosophy), American University of Beirut 1964 M.A. (Religious Thought), University of Pennsylvania 1966 Ph.D. (History of Religion), Harvard University 1975 MAHMOUD AYOUB: Mahmoud Ayoub was born in 1938 in south Lebanon. Upon completion of his education, he has authored a number of books in English and Arabic in the area of Islam and Inter-religious dialogue. The most notable are Redemptive Suffering in Islam and The Quran and It

Quran sublime: Domestic Violence in Islam (Part 2)

Vídeos - 14/11/2009

This is the second of a three part video on why Chapter 4 Verse 34 in the Quran has been misinterpreted allowing husbands to beat their wives. Laleh Bakhtiar gives irrefutable evidence from the Quran itself. as well as from the behavior of the Prophet.

Quran sublime: Introduction (Part 2)

Vídeos - 13/11/2009

This is Part 2 of the Introduction to the translation of the Sublime Quran by Laleh Bakhtiar. There are 4 other parts to this series. Domestic Violence in Islam has a three part video that is on this website and Spiritual Integrity is the last part also on this website. In the Introduction she explains why this is not a feminist translation but that of a spiritual advocate (fatat, javanmard).

Quran sublime: Introduction (Part 1)

Vídeos - 12/11/2009

This is the first part to the Introduction to the Sublime Quran by its translator Laleh Bakhtiar which is in 2 parts. After that follows three videos that are on this website under the name Domestic Violence in Islam. The final part is called Spiritual Integrity and it is also on this website.

Mujeres recitadoras del Quran

Audio - 03/11/2009

For the first time on the web prominence is given to Female Reciters of the Quran and Female Reciters of Prayers in Praise of the Prophet. Muslims in most Islamic countries do not allow Female Reciters to be recorded as it is forbidden for men to listen to the voice of Women Reciters of the Quran. Exceptions are Malaysia and Indonesia. With the web, women have the opportunity to choose to listen to a Female Reciter. Hopefully this will increase efforts of Female Reciters to learn to recite the e

Quran sublime: Spiritual Ingegrity In islam (Part 3)

Vídeos - 02/11/2009

Spiritual Ingegrity In islam by Laleh Bakhtiar

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