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Islam and Contemporary Art

An insight into contemporary Art through the eyes of Andalusia’s muslim heritage.

Organiza: Duha Escudero Toby
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Light & Remembrance

This course will start with a journey through the Andalusian legacy of Cordoba and Granada, a historical tour of both cities including visits to the Palatial city of Medina Azahara and the marvellous Alhambra Palace.

After an introduction into the concepts and abstract forms of expression developed in the traditional Islamic visual arts, we will reach out towards the theories behind Contemporary Art. Andalusian artist Hashim Cabrera will teach this course in the idyllic surroundings of the Alqueria de Rosales in Granada, Spain.

Six days of seminars, debates and artistic workshops were you’ll be able to absorb the artist’s magnificent reflections, product of his artistic career and lifelong vital analysis and investigations.

This course will address the following subjects and complete them with workshops involving diverse techniques such as drawing, painting, collages and geometric compositions with wooden modules, amongst others.

- Module one: The Islamic attitude towards Visual Arts; Idolatry and iconoclasm; Structural Duality and Hispanic-Muslim Art.
We must understand the abstract nature of Islamic art as a coherent consequence of an attitude.
- Module two: Tauriq. Abstract naturalism.
The Hom, the Syriac tree of life, is the best visual expression of the Islamic concept of creation.
- Module three: Tastir. Shapes and remembrance. Geometry and visual thought.
Returning to reality through the qualities of dhikr. Shapes as a way of remembrance.
- Module four: Calligraphy in Islamic Art; types and styles of Calligraphy.
Lines and shapes coexist in one same format and share one same material in such a way that there sometimes appears to be no difference between the beautiful Kufic calligraphy and the masterful lines of Tauriq or Tastir.
- Module five: Fractal Geometry.
The Penrose Diagram grants us visual access to the transitional world of Fractals through flat geometry.

Dirección: La Alqueria de Rosales ; Puebla de Don Fadrique ; Granada ; Andalucía ; España

Web: http://lightandremembrance.com/

Correo electrónico: info@lightandremembrance.com

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