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Companies engaged in organic production seeking trade opportunities in the halal market

The conference will be hosted by the Euro-Arab Foundation in Granada (C / San Jerónimo, 27), September 30 from 9:30 to 14:00.
Articles | 27/09/2014 | Halal Institute

Halal Hub Institute in collaboration with the Government of Andalusia, organized the conference about Halal and Ecology, where the commercial possibilities of the will be addressed halal certification for companies dedicated to organic production.

Leadership of spanish young muslims

It is becoming increasingly visible growth of the Muslim population in our country. Among this population there are young leaders that they clearly symbolize a European Islamic culture.
Articles | 20/09/2014 | Escuela Halal

Although we are used to highlight the differences normally, these examples show that there are many more commonalities and differences far from being negative is a positive contribution to the awareness of society.

Searching a human sense with which to build globalization

Education should provide knowledge to the happening of the global world is revealed interrelated and connected
Articles | 13/09/2014 | Esteban Díaz

For a society to be built knowing that these qualities are inherent in every human or be the matrix in which the network of networks of relationships that makes human life which constitutes collective values

Universality and Particularity

Talk - Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad - Cambridge - 18th June 2012 - 45mins 38secs
Articles | 17/12/2012 | Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad

As British society agonises over cases of prejudice against ethnic minorities in this supposedly post-racist age the universalising message of Islam is a much welcome one. The Sheikh discusses this message, why classical Islamic civilisations were able to be so diverse.

What does Halal tourism entail? — Six questions

Essentially these clients are looking for services in accordance with their religious principles, such as restaurants serving Halal meat and hotels with dedicated prayer areas.
Articles | 20/09/2014 |  Agencias

Notwithstanding the diversity of the global Muslim population, there are certain amenities and services that Muslim tourists everywhere are likely to expect. Generally, Halal tourists may seek out restaurants that serve Halal meat and do not serve alcohol.

Malaysia: Islamic Finance & Halal Mart Need To Jell

Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC) has called on Islamic finance industry players and the halal market to communicate with one another and start to jell
Articles | 06/09/2014 |  Salama

There is lack of awareness and disconnection between the two as mutual understanding is need to enable them to contribute significantly to the country and the global market.

The Womens Voice is Revolutionary.

Women and the Arab Spring
Articles | 30/11/2013 |  Zaha Kheir

Women have had an important role in the Arab Spring. Many Egyptian women have taken the initiate to reconfigure the role of women in the public sphere and to ensure that their rights are protected in the country. Last week, I had the privilege to meet a group of such women.

Who said that if you speak Arabic stop being cool?

Videos | 12/06/2013 |  Zoubida Hamdaoui
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Talk of Suzanne Talhouk (سوزان تلحوق), president of the association فعل أمر, offered during TEDxBeirut under the title مين قال انه إذا حكينا بالعربي منبطل كول. A testament to the linguistic situation in Lebanon.

Agenda Cultural

selección diaria

Woman leader of a mosque breaks stereotypes

Videos | 26/08/2009 | Muxlim TV

Interview Lucile Sabas

Videos | 23/09/2009 | infocus

An Ocean of compassion

Videos | 28/11/2009 | The Radical Middle Way

Cordoba’s Decalogue for the Alliance of Civilizations

Articles | 30/01/2012 | Webislam

Yes, I am

Videos | 18/04/2011 | Jaled Ibarra

About Happiness

Articles | 28/01/2012 | Sabora Uribe

A Muslim Woman in the Global Village

Articles | 13/02/2012 | Sabora Uribe

2011 hours against hate

Videos | 31/03/2011 | Webislam

Iahia ibn Said Al Andalusi

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El Blog de Mohamed Bellahcen-Abu Ismael

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Trata de poesía árabe, obra propia

La parábola del paraíso prometido a quienes son conscientes de Dios es la de un jardín por el que corren arroyos: pero, a diferencia de un jardín terrenal, sus frutos serán eternos, y también lo será su sombra. Ese será el destino de los que se mantienen conscientes de Dios --y el destino de quienes niegan la verdad será el fuego. (Qur’an: Sura 13. El Trueno, 35)
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¿Cómo crees que es la imagen del Islam y los musulmanes que transmiten los medios de comunicación?
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Generalmente lo asocian con la violencia

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No tienen en cuenta la diversidad del Islam y los musulmanes

Tratan de vincularlo al terrorismo y al fundamentalismo

…Si Dios no hubiera permitido que la gente se defendiera a sí misma unos contra otros, todos los monasterios, iglesias, sinagogas y mezquitas --en los cuales se menciona el nombre de Dios en abundancia-- habrían sido destruidos. (Qur’an: 22:39)Foto de Mansur Escudero

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