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As rates of chronic diseases in the ME rise, Australian farmers could have the answer

“There is a huge epidemic of obesity and diabetes cardiovascular problems and Freekeh addresses all of that, so there is obviously a clear need for a product like ours.” said Tony Lutfi.
Articles | 31/10/2015 | Salama

As the Middle East grapples with rising rates of chronic lifestyle diseases, agribusinesses in Australia have been cashing in on demand for perceived safe and healthy food, according to a trade and business group.

World Halal Day is organized in India

The second ever World Halal Day and the first such event in India is being held here on November 1 and 2 with delegates from across the globe
Articles | 01/11/2015 | Redaccion The Hindu

A Halal Lifestyle Festival showcasing over 60 Indian Halalcertified items ranging from biscuits to beauty products is also being held as part of the event

Muslim rights are off for burials

The Muslim community has been demanding compliance agreements 1992 that were signed between the State and more important religion, especially in areas such as education, halal food or cemeteries.
Articles | 01/11/2015 | Redacción Webislam

In Spain there are Muslim cemeteries in Andalusia, Valencia, Zaragoza, Barcelona and the Canary Islands and other places, but insufficient, so the model for implementing new burial spaces for Muslim citizens in the different autonomous communities currently under discussion

The Chemical Institute of Sarria go to Halal

This actitvity is the first organized by the IQS in the way of to know better the Halal concept, the markets and consumer profile
Articles | 31/10/2015 |  Hanif Escudero Uribe

During the event which was attended by representatives of the Institute Halal, Muhammad Escudero and Tomás Guerrero, they have spoken issues such as food safety, quality, healthy lifestyle and mainly issues related to halal certification application in the food industry

We need to identify hate crime in all its aspects

In Madrid the first course for judges and prosecutors on hate crimes, promoted by the prosecutor Miguel Angel Aguilar, first prosecutor in Spain specializing in this type of crime
Articles | 31/10/2015 |  Hanif Escudero Uribe

The police body specializing in neo Nazis or radical movements give details about new identity of these groups and his impunity in social networks. The President of the Islamic Board has emphasized the need for progress on the awareness and training in general to stop this growing social problem.


When the only gift that you have is the nothing of the love.
Poetry | 31/10/2015 |  M.Al-Yerrahi

Ten thousand roses i would give you...

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The 99 Most Beautiful Names of Allah

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Woman leader of a mosque breaks stereotypes

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Interview Lucile Sabas

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Yes, I am

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Webislam, a model of intercultural practice on the Internet

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About Happiness

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A Muslim Woman in the Global Village

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Mansur Abdusalams Farewell Khutba

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Ecumenismo y espiritualidad

¡Oh gentes! Adorad a vuestro Sustentador, que os ha creado a vosotros y a quienes vivieron antes que vosotros, para que os mantengáis conscientes de Él. (Quran: Sura 2. La Vaca, 21)
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...la Aljama parecía ocultar más que nunca su antiguo secreto, las veraces historias que sus piedras contaron sin cesar, pero ahora aparecía desfigurada, convertida en un cementerio de simulacros. Foto de Hashim Ibrahim Cabrera

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