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US Muslims launch ad campaign to reclaim jihad from extremists

Attempt to save Jihad from misrepresentation

US Muslims launched an advertising and social media campaign Friday in the hopes of reclaiming the word jihad from extremists who insist on equating the spiritual quest with terrorism.

Muslims seek lost harmony in Pakistan

Dera Ismail

Shortly after a bomb went off in Dera Ismael Khan, a city in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, on 23 November killing seven people, Hasan Zaidi desperately attempted to call home from Rawalpindi to check on his family’s safety.

Nigerian governor killed in helicopter crash

President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered an...

The governor of Nigerias Kaduna state and a former national security adviser are among six people killed in a helicopter crash in Nigeria’s oil-producing Bayelsa state, officials said.

Universality and Particularity

Mezquita de Córdoba

As British society agonises over cases of prejudice against ethnic minorities in this supposedly post-racist age the universalising message of Islam is a much welcome one. The Sheikh discusses this message, why classical Islamic civilisations were able to be so diverse.

British Museum’s exhibition highlights Shakespeare’s fascination with Islamic world

Middle East: Source of fascination and fear

Shakespeare: staging the world, a major exhibition at the British Museum provides a new and unique insight into the emerging role of London as a world city four hundred years ago, interpreted through the innovative perspective of Shakespeare’s plays.

Young Saudi women break new ground in public health


Tuberculosis (TB) rarely comes up in international headlines on health stories, although it still affects around 8.8 million people and takes around 1.4 million lives annually - roughly one person every 25 seconds.

Shaykh Muhammad Bel Kurshi al-Hassani Passes Away

Sheikh Muhammad bel Kursi al-Hassani al-Idrisi

The Erudite Scholar Hazrat Shaykh Syed Muhammad Bel Kurshi al-Hassani from Turuq in Morocco Has Passed Away at the age of over 100 and was One of the last Sufic companion of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn al-Habib Alayhi Rahma.

American Muslims claim their place in global Islam

Photo by: Islamophobia Today

The relationship many American Muslims once had with their American identity has transformed, and they have integrated their unique brand of American Islam with their place in the global Muslim community.

Mubarak regime allowed to retain assets in the UK

Hosni Mubarak

According to a recent investigation, British authorities have violated the European Agreement on freezing £85m worth of assets belonging to 19 people from the inner circle of Hosni Mubarak’s toppled Egyptian regime.

Arab Gulf states lash out at Syrian regime

Syrias Conflict

Arab Gulf monarchies lambasted Syrias regime for deploying heavy weapons against its civilians, as more than 100 people were killed in raids, bombings and air strikes, according to a watchdog toll count.

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And they will be lined up before thy Sustainer, and He will say: Now, indeed, you have come unto Us in a lonely state, even as We created you in the first instances - although you were wont to assert that We would never appoint for you a meeting with Us! (Quran, 18:48)
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