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Leadership of spanish young muslims

Spanish young leaders
Spanish young leaders

Although we are used to highlight the differences normally, these examples show that there are many more commonalities and differences far from being negative is a positive contribution to the awareness of society.

Spain interested in developing Halal Industry

Mr. Antonio Fernandez Ranchal is the Manager of Córdoba Agropolis Foundation
Mr. Antonio Fernandez Ranchal is the Manager of...

Spain produces food products for Europe, and besides being part of the European Union, the country also has very good connectivity and relationship with North African countries such as Morocco and Algeria, as well as with Latin America, which also now has a growing Muslim population.

Searching a human sense with which to build globalization

Esteban Diaz, pensador y responsable del blog Para cambiar el mundo
Esteban Diaz, pensador y responsable del blog...

For a society to be built knowing that these qualities are inherent in every human or be the matrix in which the network of networks of relationships that makes human life which constitutes collective values

Malaysia: Islamic Finance & Halal Mart Need To Jell

Halal Money
Halal Money

There is lack of awareness and disconnection between the two as mutual understanding is need to enable them to contribute significantly to the country and the global market.

US calls for coalition to destroy IS group

Asamblea de la OTAN
Asamblea de la OTAN

The United States has called for the creation of a broad international coalition to go after and destroy the Islamic State group, and build a plan by the time the UN General Assembly meets later this month.

Moroccan researcher and historian, Mohamed Ben Azzuz Hakim dies

El investigador e historiador marroquí, Mohamed Ben Azzuz Hakim
El investigador e historiador marroquí, Mohamed...

In 1946, he graduated in Philosophy at the Universidad Central de Madrid. In 1948 obtained a fellowship to undertake a doctoral thesis under the title: The Moroccan-Spanish relations through history.During the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco, he held important political positions.

Turkey favourite destination for UAE nationals

The city of Istambul is a preference destination for halal tourist
The city of Istambul is a preference...

The Muslim Travel Index Europe 2014, released on Wednesday, has shown that Turkey is the number one country of choice for tourists in the UAE as a future place to visit.

Lebanons media freedoms at risk

Some in Lebanon are turning to blogs for an alternative to what they say are partisan media outlets Reuters
Some in Lebanon are turning to blogs for an...

Layal Bahnam leans forward in her chair and presses her hands together. There have been several harsh cases against investigative journalists exposing corruption and also against bloggers she says, with a shake of her head.

Isis concern: British Muslim leaders condemn extremist group

Maulana Shahid Raza
Maulana Shahid Raza

Representatives from both the Sunni and Shia groups in the UK met at the Palace of Westminster and relayed their message that the militant group does not represent the majority of Muslims.

Europe to host conference on halal tourism

Tasneem Mahmood
Tasneem Mahmood, confundadora de CMM

Andaloucian Routes, Halal Institute, Crescentrating, Nur and Duha and other travel agents will participate in this event organized by CCM

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And all the beauty of many hues-which He has created for you on earth: in this, behold, there is a message for people who are willing to take it to heart! (Quran, 16:13)
Cordoba(Spain) Salat Times
Fajr Dhuhr Asr Maghrib Isha
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What did you find more difficult during your fast of Ramadan?


Controlling your temper

Combining it with work

All the above

I didn’t have any difficulty

To turn around (the Ka‘aba), to circumnambulate. This is an essential part of the rite of the Greater and Lesser Pilgrimages (Hajj and...

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